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Add Automation to Product Categorization & Taxonomy uses artificial intelligence to completely remove your time and money spent on product taxonomy, product categorization, product labeling. let's you move through PIM related tasks 15x faster than manual effort with higher accuracy

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What Tools Offers

Fit Products To Your Taxonomy Tree
Not just some personalized intro line. generates the entire cold email for you to send. Completely personalized to your email lead.
Generate Product Categories Without A Product Tree
Increase your open and response rates instantly with our bulletproof copy, and explode your booked meetings and calls.
Compare Products for Categorical Similarity
At least 900x faster than manual email outreach. Your research and copyrighting process is now completely automated.

1 Click to Categorize Thousands of Products

Fit thousands of products to your taxonomy tree and automatically adjust to changes in your tree. Spend less time categorizing start optimizing your product feeds.

Generate Product Categories and Tags Without a Tree

Non-dynamic product categorization allows you to pass product data and generate new categories and product tags that fit.

Automatically Import Products from Shopify, Database, Woocommerce, etc

We support a number of 1 click integrations that allow you to add new products and categories from the most common ecommerce sources.

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