Stop wasting time on manual PIM tasks

Manage product taxonomy trees & catalogs as large as Google Shopping with automatic product categorization and tagging. also allows you to compare product data for similarity from your own store or competitors.

Management Automation for Ecommerce

Automatically Fit To Your Taxonomy Tree

Upload your taxonomy tree and fit 1,000s of products in seconds with just one click

Generate Product Metadata with Ai

Our Non-Dynamic model allows you to generate product metadata in seconds

Product Similarity Matching

Compare products for similarity for on the fly product categorization or catalog optimization

17x Faster Than Manual Categorization

Remove up to 90% of the manual labor required for PIM related tasks

Add Custom Models & Integrations offers a visual tree builder that allows you to build brand new trees right in the dashboard and save them for use.

No Rule Based Categorization
Stop using an outdated rules based method of categorizing products
Fully Pipeline Customization
Our development team can add any special features or tools that help support your product pipeline
Import taxonomy trees and categories from all common ecommerce platforms
Fine-Tuned For Accuracy
Build your own fine-tuned model that explodes the accuracy of your product categorization
Improve Your Feed Optimization
Optimizing product taxonomy is proven to increase the ease that shoppers have on your site
Increase Conversions
Automate product catalog optimization and start seeing your on-site conversions rise

Onboard New Products Faster

Adding new products to a catalog is a painful process for ecommerce brands and multi-seller marketplaces. Our ai models can automate the process of adding these products to your catalog in minutes.

Proven To Improve User Navigation & Product Discovery

Optimized product taxonomy helps users reach their desired product faster and easier, improving your conversion rates and reducing bounce rate.

Custom Integrations & Development

Looking to add a custom ML model or feature to your product management pipeline? Our developers can build a number of applications and add them to your dashboard to customize your experience.

Stop Wasting

Start using Ai in your ecommerce ops