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How big of a taxonomy tree can the ai handle?

We've supported trees up to the size of Google Product and have no issue reaching high accuracy with fine-tuned models.

What custom integrations do you support?

Generally our customers are looking to plug into an existing business workflow to automate a large piece of the equation. This means customers usually have upstream and downstream processes that they use to provide data, alert employees, store data, or other PIM software tasks.

We build our custom integrations directly into your dashboard are a part of the enterprise package. Any service you have that uses an API for either input or output can be used as a custom integration.

Do I have to fine-tune the models myself?

It's all hands off! Our NLP model specialists handle the finetuning for all of our offered endpoints. We handle creating the datasets, managing evaluation, and generating the models for your specific account.

Can this be used for product data matching?

Yes! Both our dynamic and non-dynamic endpoints can be used for data matching. Fine-tune these to help the models learn a deeper understanding of how to compare product data to other records.

What ingestions do you support?

Out of the box we support CSV and JSON api call. Please use our custom integrations for other ingestion methods.

How do the credits work?

Each credit supports one "operation" between Ai models and the provided data. Please review the tokens breakdown page to understand token usage! There are a default number of credits provided to you each month. You can purchase additional credits in the purchase page.

Do you provide custom development? is a product built by the NLP + CV development company We offer custom development for this product either on top of the existing stack or a custom solution combining multiple ML models.

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